Sprocketeer is a program that I created to generate gcode for cnc mills to cut sprockets. It can also save the sprocket as a CAD (DXF) drawing.

New Version : 2013

Sprocketeer in now available completely online. Click here to try the online version.

Old Application : Spocketeer 2

After receiving a lot of feedback from Sprocketeer users from all over the world, I decided to make some needed changes to Sprocketeer and release an updated version. This new version has the following features/fixes over the original:

  • Added metric conversion and metric gcode output option

  • Added support for sprockets with more than 220 teeth

  • Added the tool offset option for gcode

  • Added a rough graphical render which is frankly just eye candy

And a picture of some dxf results in QCad:

Download: Download Sprocketeer version 2.0 zip file here.

Instructions: Simply run the program and then either select one of the standard chain sizes from the drop down box or enter your own values for chain pitch and roller diameter. The only other required field is the number of teeth. The “depth of cut”, “feed rate” and “Include Tool Offset” settings are optional. The gcode arc format and general formatting were created for use on a specific cnc mill, but should be fairly generic. After you have entered the required information press the Go button and the gcode and dxf code will be created. The finished outside sprocket diameter and pitch diameter are also displayed.

To save your results for viewing or use simply click on the “Save as” button under the appropriate output section.

Plea: I would like to develop this further and make it tool for everyone to use, but I need some testing and feedback. Please download Sprocketeer 2.0 and try it out. If you find any problems or have any suggestions or comments please email them to me at  sprocketeer@idleamusements.com .

Legal Speak: I give no warranty on this program or its use. If you tear something up using this I expect no blame in much the same way that I don’t expect any credit for its use.

Thanks for looking.