Marvin the Martian

Behold my life-sized Marvin the Martian Lego mosaic! And yes, Google as you will and you still won’t find that combination of words anywhere else out there. Made up of over 3100 individual Lego bricks, Marvin stands 44″ tall. The Legos are points out and the base is undercut so that the Legos have some depth and really pop off the wall. Here’s what it looks like mounted on the wall over my desk:

And a couple of close-ups:

   In the last image you can see a little of the shadow that you get around the piece that really makes it stand out.

   This was a really fun project for me and the kids. Compared to some of the other things that we’ve done it was really very simple. After laying out the black border bricks it was really just a matter of filling in the blanks. It’s a lot like coloring with Legos.

   The process to create the pattern was the same as with the Starry Night project. I started with an image of Marvin that I really liked (pictured right) and then converted it into a LDraw file using Gimp and a VB program that I created. After cleaning the layout up a little in LDraw, I printed out a to-scale image for a template and then we were good to go.

   Here is the LDraw file if you want to play with it.

   Here is the pattern to scale if you want to build your own.

   If you want to build your own Marvin the Martian, you’ll need that image and the instructions below.

Building Instructions