IT Art

This is some upcycled nerdy artwork that I created for our area at work.

From right to left they are: keyboard wall, motherboard board and hard drive mirror.

Keyboard Wall

The keyboard wall is made from the keys of about two dozen salvaged keyboards. We let people come in and put their names in and then filled in the rest … after embedding some hidden messages.

Motherboard Board

The motherboard board is a collection of motherboards from most of our personal stockpiles of antiqued technology that cover the spectrum of motherboards from the very earliest personal computers to the more recent, colorful flavors.

Hard Drive Mirror

The hard drive mirror is made from 75 old hard drives with their shiny internals exposed. The end result is a fractured, somewhat psychotic, mirror. This one seems to be the most popular for some reason.

Circuit Tree

The latest addition is the circuit tree that is in my office. I made this from pine lumber and painted it to look like metal. Cutting circles on a table saw was the biggest challenge. I had the idea to made something along these lines and while digging around I found the logo for the Arkin Laboratory at UC Berkeley. It was exactly what I wanted. While I shamelessly copied the look, I did want to give them credit.